Data Connections

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What is the right Connection for your business ?

CCUK provide a number of data solutions… Which is best for you business ??


ADSL2+ business broadband from CCUK  provides exceptionally fast bandwidth using the latest network technologies. ADSL 2+ is rate adaptive and so will provide the best possible speed that your telephone line will support up to a maximum downstream of 24Mb and upstream of 1Mb with the Premium service.

ADSL2+ broadband is a cost effective Internet circuit allowing you to download and send data effectively within a range of applications giving you both reliability and business grade performance.

ADSL2+ is best suited for normal business Internet

ADSL2+ is now available at most exchanges around the UK, either where BT have upgraded the equipment for connection to the 21CN network or alternatively where one of CCUKS  LLU partners has installed the necessary equipment in the exchange.

Super Fast Fibre

Fibre broadband (also known as fibre optic broadband) is the most advanced broadband technology in Britain today.
Fibre Broadband from CCUK will offer speeds of up to 80Mb download and 20Mb Upload, which is considerably faster than the average ADSL speed of 6Mb* received in most UK businesses with a standard broadband connection.
The fibre optic technology sends pulses of light through individual optical fibres that allow for a faster and stronger broadband connection. This means everyone in your office can benefit from super fast downloads and connect with multiple devices without affecting your broadband speed all at the same time and getting a great internet experience. Super Fast Fibre gives you all the power, speed and stability that your buisness needs today and in the future.

High speed Business Grade EFM

EFM is an affordable way to improve your connectivity, and with ours you’ll be getting the best value for money in the market. It delivers faster speeds than broadband, SDSL, leased line and low-end Ethernet and avoids many of the high excess construction charges that might come from installing traditional fibre.

Because we use fewer copper pairs to deliver the same service as other providers we can offer it at a lower price without any loss of speed or quality. Choose from up to 10 or 20 Mbps delivered across multiple copperSave pairs, meaning in the unlikely event of one copper pair failing, there is an automatic fail-safe without service interruption.

By prioritising business traffic over residential, we provide you with the bandwidth needed to maintain business continuity.

Lease Line Circuits

  • High Capacity from 2Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s
  • Guaranteed un-contended bandwidth
  • Guaranteed 4 hour SLA
  • Managed Cisco hardware as standard
  • Managed Firewall options
  • Resilience, backup and auto fail-over options

An internet leased line is a dedicated, private circuit that delivers internet connectivity to a customer’s site.

An internet leased line will deliver unrivalled quality of service and unlike DSL services have a 4 hour fault repair SLA in the event of a fault in comparison to the 40 or 20 clock hour fix offered on broadband products. Internet Leased Lines are delivered as a Fully Managed product in that CCUK will supply hardware with the circuit (usually Cisco) that will be remotely monitored and managed by our team. Having a fully managed service means the end user removes the headache of managing the circuit and allows them to focus on their core business.

Choose the right connection..

Call today and speak with one of the team about the right connection type for your business.